Monday, December 13, 2010

RAD 1.0 care and feeding

The RAD 1.0 was the first in the series of RAD robots. It really is a great platform for many types of robot mods and do it yourself customization. They come up on eBay from time to for under $100. Please check eBay seller Vintage Electronics by expresshop he always has a few for sale or can post a new listing of any one you want if you ask. They come with a remote control that allows a great deal of freedom of movement. The tracks can be controlled, left, right, forward, reverse and you can rotate robot in both directions. The arms can move in together and out. The hips are controlled so the robot and bend down and pick up items off the floor. As a bonus you can press a button and your voice will be transmitted to a speaker in the robot and you can talk out of the robot. The robot is powered by a very common 6 volt rechargeable battery and remote takes a 9 volt.
The radio receiver is in the head so opening the head and replacing the radio unit with your own controller is a simple operation. All the motor wires and power wires run all the way to the top of the robot.

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